Pricing: $1.20 sq/inch


Accepted on a case by case basis.  If the image is not something I feel I can do justice to, I won’t paint it.  As well you should understand that my creative process takes precedence over any idea of how you might want the painting to look.  For example, if you sent me the photo on the left, you might end up taking home the painting on the right:



So if I were you, I would find somebody else.  If like happy faces however, read on…..

As for pricing, it’s the same pricing except the complete price of the painting is prepaid.  For example, if the cost of the canvas size you select is $475, you pay $475 up front.

I’m currently not accepting anymore commissions until February/19.



  • Turn-around time: 4-6 weeks.
  • The photo you provide might be cropped to how I feel best captures the mood of the subject. (I’ll let you know before I start).
  • I’ll send you one progress image if requested.